You attract more flies with jam than you do with vinegar

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam

While I’m still figuring out why you would want to attract flies, other than trap them, I still think it has a great meaning. So as a reminder to you, the reader, remember that if you want to attract more friends, more family, more customers, and in general just more people in your life, then learn to be nice to people.

This can be especially true with the people that you love and that are the closest to you. We often take them for granted and take our frustration out on them. If you constantly nag your spouse, or yell at your kids, or are just not nice to the people in your life then they are eventually going to decide they don’t want you around.

People do two things: they either run toward pleasure or away from pain. If you want to make the people in your life happy, then you can either be the pleasure that they run towards or the pain that they run away from.

Next time you’re feeling frustrated, instead of taking it out on the people around you, do something else, like take a walk, or some other form of exercise. If exercise isn’t your thing, do something that will help you get rid of the frustration. Once the frustration is gone, use the moment to give the people around you a smile, a kiss, a hug, or just a good ol’ fashioned complement.

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