Why I bought the One Plus One phone

I’m one of those people that buy things and then use them until there’s not much use left in them.  This is especially true for cars and cell phones.  I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ for 2 years now and it’s time to make a change.

I started looking at the new Samsung S6 but when it came down to it, I didn’t want to get locked into another contract with my carrier and the cost to buy the phone at $900 for 64 GB of storage wasn’t a cost I was willing to pay.  As a result I started looking for alternatives. I came across a Huawei phone that looked alright, but in the end it only had 2GB of RAM.  When looking at the Amazon Fire phone I was very tempted, especially with a $179 price tag with a year of Prime included, though there was a combination of bugs and inability to use some of the popular Android apps that drove me elsewhere.

I eventually found One Plus and their claim as a “Flagship Killer” along with many positive reviews about it online. Upon doing the research I found that they were getting ready to launch the One Plus Two phone, their encore to the highly rated One Plus One.  I waited to see what the features and price were going to be, but after the launch I decided to go with the One Plus One.

I chose the One Plus One for a couple of reasons.  1st off, I needed a phone pretty quick and I didn’t have an invite to get a One Plus Two right away. More importantly, when I started comparing features I wasn’t sold on the extra $89 price tag for the Two over the One.  In short, the only new feature that I really cared about was the 4 GB of RAM, but the One has 3 GB of RAM and gets great reviews for performance, so I wasn’t sure that the extra Gig of RAM was worth $89.  If I travelled internationally, I definitely would have gone with the Two as it has dual sim cards slots.

End the end, I’m getting a very well designed, unlocked phone with 3 GB of RAM, a great camera, virtually no bloatware, and a sleek version of Android for just $321, including shipping.

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