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    This morning I dropped my daughter off at school about an hour before school starts.  On Wednesdays she takes an extra reading class.  This morning we pulled into the parking lot about 2 minutes before the class was to start.  To save a two minute walk I parked in Staff parking.  I walked my daughter to the class and about 4 minutes later was back at my car.  By this time, only one other car had parked in the parking lot, right next to me.

    As I approached my car the lady in the car next to me greeted me with a warm, “good morning.”  I then responded with a warm, “good morning,” back.  All the sudden the lady starts yelling at me for parking in a Staff parking spot.  I get it, I’m not a teacher or staff at the school, but I didn’t impede any staff from getting a parking spot.  There were still 20 plus spots available and I was on my way out!  I told her to relax and that I was here for just a few minutes and she continued to yell at me.  I finished with a “calm down and go get ready to teach your kids,” and I got in my car and left.

    We, yes, even me, often get worked up and get mad over little things.  I’m not sure who pissed in this lady’s Cheerios before she got to school, or what prompted her to get so mad over my parking decision, but in the grand scheme of things my decision really didn’t hurt anyone.   Yet, her anger over a little thing could have escalated into something that neither of us wanted.  Next time you, and me, decide that we want to get mad over something, try to stop and think for a second if this is something that you really want to get mad over and if it’s really something that you’re willing to have escalate.


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