What to Say to Great Friends When You Haven’t Seen Them In a Long Time


Really? The question should be why has it been awhile since you’ve last hung out with them if they are such great friends? Life right? It happens. I get it. I’m busy so are you. Still. Here are a few things to say or think about to break the ice:

1. Ask about their kids. Show pictures of yours. That would make them break out their smart phone to share theirs.

2. Dig up your last great experience with them. That can be tricky but bring it out gently and see their reaction. If generates a response like you took them back in time, you’re golden.

3. You’re gonna ask “how are you doing?” “Everything good?”. So generic. If they are great friends of yours, bring up great memories, nuances of their personalities, poke fun at yourself and at them. This will create such a rhythm that you would not want to leave.

I ran into “great friends” yesterday during my husband’s retirement ceremony. Wow. I felt like time didn’t exists between us. We all had stories to share, comments to make about people we know, pictures to look at and every now and again be in disbelief that it’s been awhile since we’ve last even spoke. We have a great time! None of us wanted to leave. So, we’re getting together again for a BBQ at our house next week.  Can’t wait!

Guest post written by Josie of Mac Cutting Boards

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