What is the largest prime number? | Adam Spencer Video on Ted.com

Prime Number Chart
Prime Number Chart

Do you know what a prime number is?  It’s a number greater than that can’t be divisable by any two positive numbers other than itself and 1.  Examples of prime numbers are 2,3,5,7,11, etc…to the greatest prime number that exists today.  For that number, watch the video below.  An example of a non-prime number is 6, because it can be divisible by 2 and 3.

Prime numbers are very important when it comes to Cryptography and can add as the basis for the creation of public key cryptography algorithms.  Prime numbers can also be found in nature as well as the arts and literature.

I’m a math geek.  Now, I’m not brilliant in math, but I did do well in it in school and I still love the subject today.  That’s why I when I saw this video I started to geek out on it.  Adam Spencer talks about his love for mathematics as well as his love for prime numbers.  But what’s fascinating about his video is the history of determining the largest prime number, which today is over 17 MILLION characters long!

Anyways, I recommend that you check out this video as it will not only explain prime numbers to you but fill you in on some great history of math and determining the largest prime number.

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