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What is a hoe? | Conversations with my 6 year old | Redneck Parenting

What is a hoe?
What is a hoe?

It’s true, kids say and ask the darnedest things!  The other night my daughter was getting ready to read a book to me.  We were sitting on the couch and she hadn’t revealed which book she was planning on reading to me.  The she popped the question, “What is a hoe?”

Kids learn the craziest things at school and at daycare, especially playing with older kids.  Because of this I didn’t really know what to make of this question.  Was she referring to the slang word that she happened to happen to hear from a friend or an older kid?  Or was she referring to the gardening tool?

I had to make a quick decision here and decided that my daughter’s innocence was still intact.  I quickly answered with, “It’s a gardening tool that a person uses to dig and move dirt.”

Quickly she responded, “Well, that’s akward!”  All I could respond with is, “Yep!”

Whew, I dodged that bullet!!  Do you have any stories of funny things your kid has said or asked?  If so, please mention them in the comments section below.