What if there was an algorithm for every part of our life?

This is my second post in what I call my “what if” series of posts. I’ve been listening to the audio book Principles by Ray Dalio and in the book he talks about the algorithms his company created to become successful investing in various markets and creating amazing returns.  This got me thinking, what if there was an algorithm for every part of your life that could help you be happy and succeed in that area?

First off, if you aren’t familiar with the term algorithm, it’s simply a process or set of rules to follow. To translate the question above, is there a set of rules or a process that we can follow for each aspect of our lives?

For example, is there a set of rules for relationships? What about different relationships like marriage, kids, friends, relatives, and colleagues?  Is there a set of rules for our health? What about a set of rules for managing money? How about a set of rules for succeeding at work or in school?

This is probably a topic that I’ll need to explore many times over, but my guess is that there is likely a set of “principles” or rules for each aspect. I also think we won’t have to look very far to find it. We know there are rules around health and fitness, especially diet and exercise. And if you’re religious, specifically Christian, we know that there are a set of principles or rules given to us in the Bible. The original 10 Commandments were just that.

So how do we create algorithms for each aspect in our life and tie each of the individual algorithms together to make one master life algorithm?