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watch-tvThe other day I was watching Sons of Anarchy and they had a scene where the characters in the show were riding through a fictitious city called Eden in Butte County, CA.  Having grown up in that area I was 99% sure that Eden was fictional, but the show does a great job of mixing fictional cities with real cities.  That 1% had me curious enough to pull up Google Maps and check it out. Sure enough, I was correct, there was no real Eden in Butte County, or anywhere in California for that matter.

I knew that people would have the same curiosity as I did so I wrote up the post Eden California in Butte County to explain that Eden is in fact a fictional city.  It turns out I was right again!  People did have the same curiosity that I had and went searching for Eden in Butte County.  My blog post happens to be the 5th link on the 1st page of Google search for people searching Eden in Butte County which has lead to a nice little spike in organic search traffic for this month.

I understand that I have been lucky in this situation as I happened to be the only person to recognize this fact AND blog about it.  When you’re watching TV, a movie, or listening to a song, and you get curious about something, search for the answer.  If there isn’t much on the subject and happen to know the answer, blog about it.  If you don’t know the answer, do a little extra leg work and find the answer, then blog about it.

Have fun blogging!


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