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Making Money with Blogs and Forums
Making Money with Blogs and Forums

Bloggers and forum owners always want to make money with their blog or forum and will add various ad networks to their website hoping that people will click on the ad so they get paid.  Sure, this works some of the time, but for most people they see hardly any clicks and start to get frustrated.  They will then find my course on how to passively make money and get all excited only to end up forgetting the MAIN thing they need to do to make money on their blog or forum.

The MAIN thing that people forget when they are blogging or writing posts on their forum is that you must talk about something that people want to buy.  If there’s no discussion regarding products or services that people are willing to purchase then your contextual ads won’t have specific products to refer to.  If you don’t talk about specific products, then services like VigLink won’t find keywords that they can link off to affiliate partners.

If you’re trying to monetize your blog or forum, then start a discussion or write a post about interesting products and services.  Then link off to them and let Adsense show ads relevant to the product and services discussed.  It’s not rocket science.  Here’s a list of the highest cost adwords.

Now that you know this, get your lawyer out of rehab and have a conference call about his recovery, donating to cord blood, and hosting classes on how to reduce electricity and gas bills.  🙂

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