Things that get men noticed

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Things that women notice on men

It always feels good to get noticed, especially when it results in a complement.  I’m not someone that seeks attention, but I do appreciate it when it happens.  Recently I’ve taken notice of the little things that get noticed and result in complements.

One of the things that I get complements over every time someone new visits my house is is the motion sensor light switch that I mentioned in a previous post.  For some reason people love that the lights come on automatically when they walk down my hallway.  I will admit it’s very helpful in the middle of the night.

Another thing that gets me complements a lot are my shoes.  If there’s one thing that people notice, especially women, is shoes.  I really don’t understand it as I don’t go around looking at people’s shoes.  So the shoes that get me noticed a lot are my bright blue Nike Revolution 2 running shoes.  Every time I wear them I get at least one compliment.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people also like and notice watches.  I have a few watches that get quite a bit of compliments, but the one that has gotten me the most compliments lately is my Guess Rose Gold Chrono watch.  It’s a stainless steel watch that has rose gold around the bevel and as part of the links on the band.  Both men and women like to comment on the watch.  Men will typically notice how solid the watch looks, as it’s quite heavy and solid.  Women like the rose gold within the band.

So the point of this post is that if you’re looking for ways to get noticed more, know that cool gadgets, nice shoes and nice watches will help get you noticed.  But nothing helps you get noticed more than having a strong confidence in yourself.

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