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Father Daughter
Father Daughter

One of the most amazing feelings that you can have is waling in the door and having your kids running up to you to give you a huge hug.  While I don’t love leaving my daughter and wife for extended periods of time, it’s always great to be greeted with open arms when you arrive home.  It’s moments like these that make us grateful for what we have!

It’s amazing how the absence of something can be a powerful thing.  Usually we strive for things to fill up our lives, not leave a void.  Though, in order to grow we often need to remove things, or have things removed, from our lives.  For example, in order to get a better job we sometimes have to lose our current job.  Or in order to be ready for the big opportunity we have to have lost a different opportunity to learn the lesson that will train us to be ready for the next opportunity.

In a previous post I wrote about why we should try dying.  It’s the same idea as I’m referring to in this post – losing something will make you grateful for what you have and can provide you with lessons to prepare you for the future.  The next time you’re without something. look for ways that it can make you better instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

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