There are plenty ways to enter a pool | Redneck Quotes and Wisdom

“There are plenty of ways to enter a pool.  The stairs is not one of them.”

I’m thinking cannon ball…off the roof…or maybe the chimney.   Now that’s a way to enter the pool!!  Or maybe you have an acrobatic knack and can pull of some kind of crazy triple twist flip sort of thing?  Yeah?  Do it!  Do anything but use the stairs to get into the pool.

I don’t think this quote needs too much explanation, but given I just found out that one of my friends is about to lose his life from cancer I will explain it anyways.

Simply put, life is too short to not live every moment to the fullest.  One day you can be hanging out with your friends or family, having a great time, and the next day one of you can be gone or given notice that you won’t be around much longer.  I encounter people everyday that seem to focus on the negative stuff in life and I think, “what a bummer!”

Too often people require a near death experience, like I wrote about a while back, to get them to realize how precious each and every day is.  Next time you want to enter a pool…or wake up…decide to make a splash!