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    Take a moment to watch this untold story of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

    Having watched that, do you still think David was the underdog?  Do you think we should still portray the story of David and Goliath as one where the “little guy” defeats the “giant?”

    I still think David and Goliath is a story that we can use to show that the “little guy” can overcome the “giant”, but I think we also need to start talking about how David was perceived as an underdog, he really wasn’t.  I mean, he did have God on his side, so that alone makes him the likely winner.  Though, we can also talk about how he was equipped with both tools and skills that make him a formidable competitor, despite his size.

    When talking with successful folks, you will often hear them tell stories of how they were able to out maneuver, or outwit another person or company that had great advantages over them.  But if you start to peel back the onion, often times that great person’s or company’s reputation is far bigger than their actual ability.

    Next time you feel you are up against a Goliath, take a step back and start looking for areas where you have the advantage and use your advantages to be able to turn Goliath into what he really was, the underdog.



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