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Are you trying to get your blog found by the search engines?  Do you want to rank high on Google so that you’re getting more traffic to your blog?  If this is your goal, then you need to write great content more often!

In order to get more traffic to your blog you need to publish great content as often as you can.  Eventually you will hit a stride and Google will start to recognize your content as relevant and authoritative.  How often you have to post will depend on the topics that you’re writing on and how much traffic you hope to attract to your blog.

For example, it took this blog about 200 blog posts over 4 months to get noticed and then the search engine traffic started coming more and more each and every day.  What’s interesting is that it is hard to predict which articles you write will get the best rankings from Google.  An example of this is that I wrote a post about how my 6 year-old daughter asked me “What is a hoe?” and how I answered it.  Since posting that article I have received over 1ooo visitors to that post alone which was just one and a half months ago.

To get even more traffic, just start writing good content that people want to read and the traffic will start coming to your blog!  Here are some case studies showing just how long it takes to get traffic to your blog.



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