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The importance of follow up in Selling | Redneck Success

salesfollowupIf you’re a sales person then your job is to make sales.  In sales you quickly learn that the majority of the time the answer is going to be a big fat “NO” and if you’re lucky they’ll say it politely.  This is where many people go from being sales people to wannabe sales people.  They can’t handle the rejection that happens over and over.

One thing to remember is that not all “no” answers are the same.  For example, an email that is not responded to is NOT a “no.”  They just didn’t answer your email.  This is the same if you send one email or 20 emails.  The reality is that you either sent the wrong message or sent the email to the wrong person, or both!  To combat this, change up your message each time you send it to them.  If you’re not sure they are the right person, ask them…in the first line!

Make your email and phone call scripts short and to the point.  Most people will only read the first line…maybe the second…before they delete or move on.  The first line should tell them exactly why they should read the rest of the email.  Don’t add fluff!  People are too busy for it.  Don’t give too much information and you don’t want them to make a decision until you speak to them.  Always add a call to action.

Now that I’ve gone over scripts, remember to always follow up after you send an email or call them.  The image to the right illustrates why!  Good luck selling!!