The best universal cell phone charger ever – The Anker Travel Charger

If you’re always on the go like me, it can be hard to keep your cell phone battery always charged up, especially if you have a smart phone and use it a lot. It can be frustrating when you near the end of the day and you have to start worrying about getting your phone to a charger or not being able to receive that important call, email or text.

My first attempt at combating this issue was to buy a portable battery that I could plug a USB cable into and charge my phone off of. This worked good and got the job done, but the problem was that I then had to carry both a battery and a USB cable. I tried buying a retracting cable, but I found that they don’t have the throughput needed to charge a phone very fast. Getting frustrated I decided to do a search and found the best solution, the Anker Travel Charger with Replacement Batteries!

The Anker Travel Charger can charge your phone and a repla’cement battery at the same time either by plugging the charger into the wall or a via USB cable plugged into a car charger.  Since my wife and I both have the Galaxy S 2, it was a great tool to have to make sure we always had a spare battery available if we needed one.  Since a replacement battery is smaller than a portable battery and USB cable, it’s much easier to carry it around.  One downside to having a replacement battery versus a portable battery charger is that you have to remove the dead battery and put the charged battery back in.  Though, this isn’t much of a downside.  Another downside of the charger is that since it’s universal you have to move the connectors to the proper +/- position in order to charge the battery, which can sometimes get misaligned if you aren’t careful.

I also did find that I could buy replacement batteries that held a longer charge than the original batteries that came with my Galaxy S 2.  The 2200mAH batteries from Anker lasted about 50% longer than the OEM battery.  So that’s another plus as well!  Here’s a picture of the charger and the replacement batteries:

Anker Universal Battery Charger
Best Universal Battery Charger for smart phones like Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Motorola and other phones.

2 thoughts on “The best universal cell phone charger ever – The Anker Travel Charger

  1. I’m ALWAYS looking for a good charger. So frustrating when you cell phone dies by mid-day without charging it regularly throughout the day. Ugh. Try taking your cell phone in Disneyland, use it all day and see how long your cell phone lasts with pictures and videos you’ve taken. This Anker sounds interesting. Definitely will try.

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