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Dallas Cowboys Portable Bars
Dallas Cowboys Portable Bar

Football season is upon us!  Regardless if you’re an NFL fan or NCAA College Football fan, many of us love tailgating and partying around the football games.  As a fan of a team we always want to celebrate our teams by wearing their jersey, or hat, and a variety of other things.  We’re always looking for a way to one up our fellow fans.  I’ve got one for you!  The Best of Times Bar!

The Best of Times Bar is a portal bar that easily goes with you to the game and parties.  With the bar, you’ll be the hit of the party as I am with mine.  They offer all of the NFL teams and a variety of the NCAA teams.  The bar is VERY solid and only takes a few moments to setup.

As you can see in the picture, the bar can be purchased with matching stools and an umbrella.  The material that contains the logos are actually interchangeable so that you can buy additional wraps.  For example, maybe you’re both a San Francisco 49ers fan and a Stanford University fan.  You can buy extra wraps and now you have a bar that you can use at both games!!

The bar also contains an ice chest that is built right into it so that you can keep your drinks cold or have ice ready for your mixed drinks.  While the price of the bar may seem expensive, I can tell you that it’s well worth the price as you will own and use this bar for years!

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ingredients for serving Moscow Mules!  You’re friends will thank you!

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