The best cheap WordPress templates


The WordPress theme that you choose for your WordPress site is a very important decision.  The right theme can add both great looks to your website but also great functionality.  This is why buying just any cheap WordPress theme is not the best idea.  Make sure you have access to thousands of themes to choose from.

I’ve built over 100 WordPress sites now for either myself or others and I’m always looking for great places to buy great looking, but cheap WordPress themes.  Since I’m always building different types of sites, I wanted a place that I could get landing pages, business templates, eCommerce templates, and magazine style templates.  The one place that I have found that I can a theme for every type of website that I want is

On top of having hundreds of great themes in each category, one of the great things about ThemeForest is that most of the developers that create the themes provide great support.  While I’m fairly advanced now in manipulating WordPress, I still occasionally run into an issue with a theme or a part of the theme that I just don’t understand.  This is where having great support comes in.  Before purchasing a theme, you can click on the comments section of that theme and see if much support is needed around a theme and if so how responsive the author of the theme is.


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