Streaming Facebook Live to your TV | Roku | Chromecast

With the shelter in place going on right now with the COVID-19 virus, there are many Facebook Live events that are taking place. The problem is, who wants to watch these events on their phones when they can watch it on a bigger screen like at TV?

I’m a huge fan of live music and it’s been great that many of my favorite musicians have been putting on Facebook Live concerts. When this started happening I asked, “how to I get these concerts onto my Roku TV?”

After some research, I found that the best way to do it is to use a Chromecast device to cast Facebook Live onto your TV. These are really easy to use and can be purchased at Amazon or any store that sells electronics for around $35 at the time of this post.

Here’s a good video on how to setup a Chromecast:

Once you have your Chromecast setup, then you just need to make sure your device can stream using Chromecast. I’ve found that the best way to do this is by using your phone or tablet. If you have an Android phone, it’s really simple. All you have to do is to click on the Chromecast icon This image has an empty alt attribute in the corner of the video and it will automatically cast. If you have an iPhone app you may need to download the Chromecast app in the App store.

If you have other devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, etc. You can get instructions on how to stream Facebook Live by going to THIS POST in the Facebook Help area of their website.

Enjoy streaming Facebook Live on your TV!