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Sisig Nachos
Sisig Nachos

If you live in the Silicon Valley you are likely to end up at a Filipino party or Filipino restaurant.  One of the popular dishes you will see there is Sisig, which is typically a pork dish that consists of stir fried pork with soy sauce, vinegar, onions and peppers.  It’s a very tasty dish to eat over rice. Another very tasty way to eat Sisig is to throw it on top of some nachos!

One of the great things about the Filipino culture is that they typically have WAY TOO MUCH food at their parties and they expect everyone to take some food home with them.  I’m one of the first people to line up at the Sisig dish as I know I can have a tasty snack of Sisig Nachos that night or the next day.  If you don’t have a Filipino friend, then do a Yelp search on Sisig in your area to find a good Filipino restaurant and order some to go.

When I make Sisig Nachos I prefer to use a nacho cheese sauce, such as one you’ll find in the Mexican or Hispanic food aisle of your supermarket.  I then like to throw some fresh Pico de Gallo or salsa on top along with the Sisig.  If you want to get crazy, you can add some guacamole and sour cream, but the Sisig and cheese have so much flavor I don’t think you need them.

Like any nachos, this is a great snack to eat while watching football.


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