SEO in one paragraph – What Google, Bing and other search engines really want

seo-hostingI read a lot of negotiation books because of my sales career and the types of deals that I get involved in.  There’s a premise that runs through most of the negotiation books and that premise is this:  “You can get someone to do anything you want them to do as long as they think it’s in their best interest to do so. ”  This is the same as the search engines.  So here’s SEO in one paragraph:

Search engines are in the business of helping people get to where they are looking to go on the Internet.  As a result, they want to make sure when they tell the person who searches for something (their customer) where to go that it’s the best place to send that person.  Therefore, if you want the search engines to send you their customers, then you need to make your website the best place to send them.  This is why CONTENT IS KING!  The better content you provide people, the more traffic you will get.

3 thoughts on “SEO in one paragraph – What Google, Bing and other search engines really want

  1. Tyler is spot on here with his advice.

    Nothing beats writing good stuff that real people want to read and can benefit from . Everything else is everything else.

    Content is King, especially when that content is good = what real people are looking for.

  2. Tyler I totally agree. However I think that is only part of the story. The reason the SEO industry exists is because computers are inherently dumb.

    It is easy for a human to determine what is “good” content on a topic they have some familiarity with. That is much tougher for a computer algorithm, so they approximate. The SEO industry exists to understand what is being used to approximate and how to leverage it.

    The bad news, if you don’t understand SEO you are a disadvantage. The good news, given the engineers are making the algorithms smarter good content is the only fail safe way to proceed for the long run.

  3. Michael, thank you for your comment. I agree, there are some technical aspects to “SEO” but that’s really just to help the search engine know which content it should be looking at. That is helpful for static websites that don’t engage the readers as much as dynamic content driven websites. Though, I think the search engines, especially Google, are trying to tell us that they don’t want static websites anymore. They want websites that prove their an authoritative resource and that are current.

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