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Scheels versus Cabelas versus Bass Pro Outlet | Giant Hunting Stores | Redneck Shopping Malls

Hunting Gear
Hunting Gear

Every year that we go hunting we’ll typically make a stop at Cabelas in Reno, NV. When my family and I go out to Angel’s Camp for the summer we’ll usually make a stop at the Bass Pro Outlet on the way there. Well, this year on our way to go hunting we decided to enter Reno from Highway 395 versus Interstate 80. Instead of tracking back to Cabelas we decided to stop at Scheels to see if we could get our supplies there. Here are my thoughts on the three in regards to hunting supplies:


Cabelas is your one stop shop for anything hunting and fishing related. There hasn’t been a time where I couldn’t find something that I was looking for regarding hunting accessories. They have a huge supply of clothing for all types of hunting. They are also stocked with all the gadgets and accessories that you need, from knives, to scopes, and everything else. Much of it is Cabelas brand mixed with name brand stuff. In regards to guns and ammo they’re good for your more popular stuff, but you don’t often see some of the more exotic guns available.

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop is similar to Cabelas in that you can find all the hunting gear and gadgets that you need. One of the differences with Bass Pro Shop is that they are obviously more fishing oriented. They also kind of hide that they have their own brand, Red Head. Bass Pro Outlet doesn’t have as much stuff as Cabelas, but you’ll typically still be able to find what you want. In regards to guns and ammo, you’ll also find the basic stuff, but nothing too exotic. It’s even said that they’re going to build a Bass Pro Shop in San Jose, California that won’t carry guns and ammo due to local restrictions.


Scheels is more of an all around sporting goods store that also has amazing hunting supplies. In Reno, going up to the second floor is like ascending to Redneck Heaven. Scheels does not have the mass amounts of huting stuff that a Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop has, but where it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. You will find a mixture of both brand name gear and Scheels branded gear. One thing that I liked more about Scheels then the other two was how easy it was to find someone to help you. The others also have great help, but they are so large that it can often be hard to find someone. Where Scheels did shine above Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop is in their selection of guns and ammo. They had all kinds of guns and the ammo to go with it. The amount of guns that they had was almost overwhelming!

You’re not going to have a bad experience at any of the three I mentioned above. Which one you pick to go to will depend on either what you’re looking for and how close you are to the store. Either way, I recommend you visit all three to see how they compare each other as each in an experience in of itself.