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Redneck Inventions
Redneck Inventions

The other day I decided to do a search to see if there are any other Redneck Bloggers out there like me.  Sure enough, there are!

What’s cool about the other Redneck Bloggers out there is that they all have their own style and focus on what they are blogging about.

The first blog I found was Redneck Modern.  Redneck Modern is the blog of Hunter Wimmer and his love for Eichler homes here in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.    If you aren’t familiar with Eichler homes, they are really cool, modern looking homes that found occasionally throughout the Bay Area.  Hunter does a great job of showing how cool these homes are.

The next Redneck Blogger that I came across was Carl Hanlon’s blog Redneck N Pardise.  Reading this blog will make you jealous that you’re not living in the Bahamas like Carl.  The Redneck N Paradise writes about his various adventures living in the Bahamas and the differences compared to living in the United States.  It’s quite an interesting read.

The third Redneck Blogger that I found was the Enlightened Redneck.  This was more of the style of Redneck Blog I thought I would find in my search for Redneck Bloggers.  Like myselft, Danny Glover, is a huge fan of Duck Dynasty.  The Enlightened Redneck echos a lot of the same things I hear when I speak to my redneck friends back home and the few I have here in the valley.  By the way, here’s Danny’s definition of an Enlightened Redneck.

If you’re looking for other Redneck Bloggers, there are three others that I think you’ll enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Redneck Bloggers | Others Like Me | Good Reading

  1. Hi! My husband and I are Redneck bloggers to, in Norway! We were in three seasons of a tv show named Norwegian Rednecks, and we have been blogging about redneck lifestyle for a few years. We write in Norwegian, but we actually have readers in USA too, they use google translate. I found your blog when I was googleing for some new inspiration, like your blog!
    Big Redneck hug from cold Norway!

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