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Perfect Candy for a Breaking Bad Viewing Party | Blue Raspberry Candy Crystals

Breaking Bad Candy
Breaking Bad Candy

Breaking Bad has taken television by storm and we’re now watching the last season.  Now is a perfect time to start planning your Breaking Bad viewing party for the last episode(s) of the show.  I have found the perfect candy to serve at your party!  They are Blue Raspberry Candy Crystals that look like Walter White’s blue “product” on the show.

You can buy the candy at and right now it sells for $8.40 a pound.

Imagine the look on everyone’s eyes when they roll in and see the blue crystals placed in bowls or little baggies around the house!  The look on their faces will be priceless!

Make sure you get your head shaved, your goatee grown out, and start planning your Breaking Bad viewing party today!  Even if you’re not planning a party, this would be a great addition to a Walter White costume or any other Breaking Bad costume for Halloween.

While you’re picking up your Breaking Bad blue rock candy, don’t forget to pick up some Los Pollos Hermanos gear to go with it.  This my friends is how you become the life of the party!!

Do you have any other suggestions for a Breaking Bad viewing party?  Please comment below.