Open Letter to Sunshine Regarding Cheez-It Snack Mix | Redneck Rant

Dear Sunshine,

Cheez-it Snack Mix
Cheez-it Snack Mix

I really like Cheez-its crackers.  I’m serious!  I’ll spend time spreading peanut butter and jelly on those tiny little crackers because they are so good.  1 minute to put the PB&J on it, 5 seconds to eat it…that’s loyalty.

I recently found some of your Cheez-it Snack Mix on the grocery store shelf and I was thinking, “score!”  I threw the bag into my cart and proceeded to the checkout.  I was pretty excited.  When I got home I decided to poor some into a bowl and started feasting on the tasty snack mix.  I started picking out the Cheez-it crackers, wheat squares, bread slices, and rice balls, leaving the pretzels behind.  I’m not a big fan of pretzels.  This is where my problem is.

Each time I got done picking out all of the good stuff I’m left with nearly a full bowl of pretzels. Bowl, after bowl, after bowl.  What’s up with that?  If I wanted a bag of pretzel snack mix, I would have purchased a bag of pretzel snack mix.  I thought I had purchased a bag of CHEEZ-IT SNACK MIX.  I mean, that’s what it said on the bag.    Shouldn’t there be MORE Cheez-it crackers than pretzels?

Please take my suggestion and change the Cheez-it to pretzel ratio to something a little more representative of the name on the packaging?  If not, can you just change the name to Cheez-it, pretzels and few other things?


Cheez-it lover