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LuziannevsLiptonI love iced tea!  I grew up drinking it all the time.  My mom and auntie would make it in the glass tea dispensers by placing the water and tea bags out in the sun and making sun tea.  There’s nothing better than a nice cold glass of iced tea, especially if it’s served in a mason jar.

For the most part I remember the tea being made with Lipton Tea and I have always continued making my tea with Lipton.  Recently I was shopping at Walmart and came across some Luzianne Tea from New Orleans, LA.  Having traveled to the south many times, specifically Texas and Louisiana, I know they take their tea very serious down there.  You can always find great tea in the south, whether it be sweet tea or unsweetened (my preference).

Last week I finally got through my box of Lipton Tea bags and started to brewing my tea with the Luzianne Tea.  I have to say that I think I found a new favorite black tea!  While I will still enjoy Lipton, the Luzianne Tea has a smoother taste, less bitter taste than the Lipton Tea.  If you drink Lipton, you’ll know that it has a bit of a bitter trail at the end.  I don’t get this with the Luzianne Tea.  For this reason, I prefer the Luzianne over the Lipton.

If you’re looking for Luzianne Tea you can find it at both Walmart and

Have you tried Luzianne?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Nice review. I am an iced-tea fanatic. I have lived in Florida for many years and it is a necessity here. But even as a young kid, growing up in NYC, my Mom always had fresh home-made iced tea during the warm months. She added a small can of “frozen lemonade” which was freakin fantastic, it added some sweetness and lemony kick. I try to make it as healthy as possible, so I use only fresh lemons, and lots of them. Lemon is a superfood. I add just a touch of cane sugar and use mostly Stevia to sweeten it. I definitely do not like sweet tea like they serve in the Southland, it has twice as much sugar as I prefer. I also brew mine very strong, Too strong to drink with out plenty of ice to water it down.
    In any case, my story is like yours, I always went with Lipton, and I tell you what, that is a freakin’ classic, delicious iced tea. I loved Lipton for years…Until…I tried Luzianne. That is all I use now. It is like Lipton on Steroids. Even more great tea flavor, which I did not think was possible.

  2. Going to give a try Luzianne? It’s always been Lipton Tea Ice drinker, since I was a liitle girl, growing up in North Carolina. But, reading some of the responses of diehard Lipton Tea drinkers, I’m going to change & just, maybe, change my family, as well.

  3. Going to give Luzianne, a try! I’ve always been a Lipton Ice Tea drinker, since I was a liitle girl, growing up in North Carolina. But, reading some of the responses of diehard Lipton Tea drinkers, I’m going to try Luzianne & just, maybe, change my mind & my family’s mind as well.

  4. I find that I prefer Lipton to Luzianne. Lipton has a more complex flavor that Luzianne. Perhaps the bitterness is what makes up that complexity, but I do prefer it. Luzianne seems to be more of a one note experience.

  5. I grew up on Lipton, but when I went to the Carolinas to visit the tea would be soo much smoother and had a rich tea taste that turned on the guzzle throat machine. I had know idea what they were doing to the tea to make it taste like that until I asked the waitress the brand tea they used and it was Luzianne. I had forgotten the name of the tea because was over 30 years ago. I am here in TX making some Sun Brewed tea with Lipton and it is really good, but not as good as that Carolina tea. I thought I would do a Google search “TO MAKE SUN BREWED TEA USE THIS BRAND TEA BAGS” and found this link that brought back memories on what tea to use. I am going to Walmart after making this post.

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