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Luzianne versus Lipton | Iced Tea | Redneck Beverages

LuziannevsLiptonI love iced tea!  I grew up drinking it all the time.  My mom and auntie would make it in the glass tea dispensers by placing the water and tea bags out in the sun and making sun tea.  There’s nothing better than a nice cold glass of iced tea, especially if it’s served in a mason jar.

For the most part I remember the tea being made with Lipton Tea and I have always continued making my tea with Lipton.  Recently I was shopping at Walmart and came across some Luzianne Tea from New Orleans, LA.  Having traveled to the south many times, specifically Texas and Louisiana, I know they take their tea very serious down there.  You can always find great tea in the south, whether it be sweet tea or unsweetened (my preference).

Last week I finally got through my box of Lipton Tea bags and started to brewing my tea with the Luzianne Tea.  I have to say that I think I found a new favorite black tea!  While I will still enjoy Lipton, the Luzianne Tea has a smoother taste, less bitter taste than the Lipton Tea.  If you drink Lipton, you’ll know that it has a bit of a bitter trail at the end.  I don’t get this with the Luzianne Tea.  For this reason, I prefer the Luzianne over the Lipton.

If you’re looking for Luzianne Tea you can find it at both Walmart and

Have you tried Luzianne?  If so, what are your thoughts?