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Get to the Next Level
Get to the Next Level

In order to succeed you must know your reality.  You must know the real truths about your limitations and your strengths.  If you have no knowledge in marine biology, then your limited in your roles that you can get that require knowledge in marine biology.  On the flip side, if you have repaired hundreds of motorcycles, it’s highly likely that you can make money repairing motorcycles.

By knowing your limitations and strengths you’ll know what to focus on and what you should get others to do for you.  While it does pay to work on improving where you have limitations, it’s even more important to leverage your strengths the most that you can.  By focusing on your strengths and building upon them even more you’ll be able to start achieving things you never have.

It’s a funny thing when your strengths start improving even more and more you eventually get things dialed and it’s as if everything is just automatic.  This really starts happening when you align your daily priorities with your definite purpose and those priorities include building upon your strengths.

You’ll also notice that by focusing on your strengths that you start to attract the people and resources you need to make up for your limitations.  Those people and resources then help boost you even more.

If you don’t know your strengths and limitations already, then start thinking of them and write them down when they come to you.  Then start building upon your strengths!

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