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I recently visited a Samsung store within a Best Buy and struck up a conversation with the Samsung rep.  I have adopted Samsung as my recent choice for devices as I have 3 Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets, 2 Galaxy S  2, and one Galaxy S 4 in my house.  In my conversation with the Sumsung rep he asked if I used SwypeSwype logo.  I responded that I didn’t, but I do like to use the voice to text feature.  He gave me a quick demo of how Swype works and I decided to give it a try.

What I have found is that Swype does make it a lot faster to type on my phone and tablet while reducing errors in typing.  It takes a bit to get used to.  While I can type pretty fast on a QWERTY keyboard both on my computer and mobile devices, I find that I forget where letters are when I’m trying to Swype.   Though, after just a couple of days I was able to remember easier.  As you start to remember the placement of the letters on the screen you quickly start realizing that you can type (Swype) to people without actually looking at the screen.  If you haven’t given Swype a try lately, check to see if your Android phone or tablet has it as a keyboard option. If not, you can get Swype from their website.

Here’s a video of Swype in action:

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