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One of the greatest feeling you can achieve in life can only be achieved by helping others.  Each and every day we have the ability to affect change in this world.  The change can be local, it can be national, or it can be international.  Either way, the change that you cause, as long as it’s positive, is just as good as the next.

I was recently made aware of Operation Change, which was created by the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and appears to be in cooperation with folks like Bill Clinton, Elton John and Richard Branson.  In heading over to,  it’s quickly realized that Operation Change expects change to come from each one of us and asks us boldly, “How will you create change?”  They also give you the ability answer that question by filling in the following blank “I will ___________________.”

How will you answer that question?  What will you put in the blank?

Are you doing something here in the Silicon Valley to help create change?  Or are you doing something on a larger scale?

I’m doing both.  Here in the Silicon Valley I work with Hope247 to clothe the homeless and to introduce them to Jesus Christ.  Internationally I run a website that helps men, and some women, build their confidence up.

Please post a comment to share with me what you’re doing to create change.

Here’s a video on Operation Change:

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