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How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon
How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

The short answer on how to write a post that StumbleUpon Stumblers will like is to write great content! Content is king is the answer to most questions on how to get more traffic to your blog, whether you want to attract the traffic through StumbleUpon, Google, Search Engines, Twitter, Facebook, or any other medium.

How To Posts

If you’re going to do a How To post, make sure you call out each step in either bold or by numbering the step.  This will make it easier for the reader to scan the content and get a quick understanding of what the content is about.  If the content is enticing to the reader then they will decided to read the entire post and potentially give the post a “thumbs up.”

It’s helpful to have pictures to support the steps on how to do what your teaching on.  Make your steps as easy as you can for anyone to follow.

Here’s one of my How To posts that get the most visitors from StumbleUpon – How to Choose an LED Light Bulb

Video Posts

IF you are going to highlight a video in your post, it’s best to have the video be at the very top of the post.  Then you can comment on the post below.  Inspiring and humorous videos are often the best, but any video with a “WOW” factor is going to get shared.

Here’s an example of a video post – Trick Shot Titus with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper


If you have a really cool image to share, then like a video, make sure the image is at the top of the page.  This will allow the stumbler to like the image really quickly.  Any commentary you have about the image typically is more relevant for people that are searching for that type of image and content versus traffic from StumbleUpon.


Infographics are images that contain text information to describe the image.  These can be highly powerful when it comes to getting social traffic from StumbleUpon and other social networks.  Like images and videos, you will want to place the infographics at the top of the post.  If an infographic is done correctly you shouldn’t need to write any extra credit.


For recipes, you’ll want to make sure you have an image near the top along with a description of the recipe.  You’ll want a picture that shows off the final result.  It can also help to have pictures of the ingredients and any preparation.

Other Cool Stuff

As you’ll notice, stumblers want to see cool content and then move on to find more.  The more compelling the content the more likely they are to share with other social networks.  If you have really cool content stumblers will give it a thumbs up.

Have fun writing your posts!

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