How to Speed Up Windows 7 | Stop Startup Programs | Check Performance Issues | Redneck Tips

I have a laptop that I really like. It’s a HP Pavilion dm 1 that I put an Intel Solid State Drive into. It runs Windows 7 on an AMD 64 bit CPU. It also has 4 GB of RAM. It’s not the fastest computer on the planet, but for a small, 12 inch laptop it’s all the fast that I need.

Recently my computer started taking longer to boot up and start Windows 7 so I started looking around my control panel and found just what I needed to speed up the startup process. You see, I found that I had too many programs that were starting at Windows startup. By checking for performance issues, Windows 7 Home Premium was able to detect this and help me correct it. Here’s how you check for performance issues:

Go to Control Panel by clicking Windows (Start) > Control Panel

Then click on Find and Fix Problems under System and Security


Then click on Check for Performance Issues

You’ll then get this screen:



Before clicking next, click on Advanced and then click Run as Administrator, then you’ll come back to this screen and click on Next.

By clicking Next, Windows 7 will run a diagnostic to determine if any of the following issues were present. If they are, it will give you an opportunity to correct them. In my case there were too many programs running a startup, so I turned most of them off and now Windows boots up quickly again!

  • Multiple Anti-virus Programs Are Running
  • More Than One Person Logged Onto This Computer
  • Some Devices Are Running in PIO Mode
  • Power Plan is set to Power Saver
  • SuperFetch Is Not Running
  • Several Programs Are Running At Startup
  • Visual Effects Might Be Affecting Performance

Correct any issues that present themselves and then reboot your computer. It should now boot up faster and perform better.

Let me know if this works for you!