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Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler
Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler

I help clients bring more traffic to their website using content marketing, also known as inbound marketing.  In short we hire writers for companies and publish posts that are specifically designed to get the search engines to notice them.  One of the things we do is schedule the posts according to a pattern we have figured out.  Since we hire multiple writers for one blog it’s hard to get the authors to properly schedule the posts.

One of the reasons that it’s hard for the authors to schedule the posts according to plan is that the posts page does not show the scheduled time of the post; it only shows the date.  Because of this each author has to open up the latest posts to see when it was scheduled which has a bunch of problems in itself.

In trying to solve this problems I was able to find the WordPress plugin called Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler.  What’s really cool about this plugin is that it allows you to setup a set of 1 or more times that you want your posts scheduled.  For example, you might want to post up 4 times a day. You can then use this plugin to setup the posts to go out at 4 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM.

This awesome post was written by Will the Web Mechanic who has also written some other great author management plugins.

Here’s another really cool WordPress plugin that I have found to drive more page views.

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