How to make a sale | Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Pitch Anything by Oren KIaff
Pitch Anything by Oren KIaff

If you are in sales you have probably read all the great sales books from guys like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer and others like them. You may have even researched sales strategies like SPIN selling and solution based selling. That’s great as they give you the fundamentals of selling but the time has come where these traditional methods don’t work as well as they used to.

The reason for this has to do with a variety of things like the Internet, the evolution of societies habits, and the way people now communicate.  With all of the information that someone can find with one Google search it’s much easier for people to find the information and form an opinion during a sales pitch.  Because of the way things have changed most sales people will start off the sale in a weak position and use concessions to differentiate themselves rather than selling from a dominant position and setting themselves as the reason to do business.

If you want to learn how to sell from a dominant position than you should read the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.  I recommend the Audible version, but you’ll most likely pick up the hard copy as a reference guide.  Since reading/listening to this book over 10 times, I have dramatically increase my sales and the way I approach everyday negotiations in life.  Good luck with your selling!

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