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Vivo Emergency ID and Alert Service
Vivo Emergency ID and Alert Service

There’s one things most of us as humans have in common, we all want to keep our family safe. If it made sense we would wrap each of our families in a big bubble before they left the house.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense to do this, but there is a way to help keep your family safe and have peace of mind, it’s called Vivo.

Vivo is an emergency identification and alert service that will provide pre-authorized information to paramedics during an emergency and notify emergency contacts within seconds.  Vivo works by providing registered users with their own unique Vivo ID and a SMS enabled phone number.  People then place that Vivo ID and phone number on bracelets, necklaces, shoelace tags, and my favorite, washable stickers.  The reason that I like the stickers is that allows you to place your Vivo ID anywhere, such as the back of your phone, your driver’s license, clothing, back packs, water bottles, and more.

Vivo works great for everyone, even healthy people, though it’s obvious that it’s a great choice for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or special needs.  The reason that I believe everyone should get a Vivo membership is that even healthy people can end up in a situation where they are hurt and aren’t able to communicate for themselves.  Since Vivo’s real power is connecting emergency contacts quickly after an accident, it really makes sense for everyone to have a Vivo ID on them somewhere.

You can learn more about Vivo by going to

Here’s a video that explains Vivo even more.

Disclosure, I am one of the creators of Vivo.

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