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How to get funding for your product | Kickstarter


Do you have an idea for a great product that would help a ton of people but don’t know where to get the funding? Look no further than Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a way to fund a project through crowdsourcing.  People will post their projects in hopes that others will want to support their project by offering financing in exchange for some form of reward.  Project owners keep 100% of their contributions and instead offer rewards of things like one of the finished products, a t-shirt, a mention in a credit, or even one of the products named after them.  It really depends on the type of project that it is.

For example, a project for a new gadget may have  a reward of a “Thank You” card for a $10 donation, a t-shirt for a $20 donation, one of the gadgets for a $50 donation, etc.  I recently supported a project that I thought had legs…or should I say feet…as it was a company called Socksies.  Their idea was to put buttons on socks so that you can button the pair of socks together when you washed them.  This way you don’t lose one of the socks.  Being that this always happens to me I decided to donate and received a pair of the socks in return.

Here are a couple projects you might be interested in funding:

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