How to create a free online store

Since the beginning of the internet people have wanted to sell to people through websites. Thankfully, the process has become easier and easier and cheaper and cheaper as the internet has evolved; and now you can do it for free.

In 2006, Shopify changed the game by creating an easier to use platform to build an online store. Many other companies like Big Commerce, Squarespace, and Wix followed suit. While they all made it easier, they all adopted the subscription model so you have to spend money, often hundreds or thousands of dollars, before you ever make a sale. This can be a huge disadvantage for many people trying to get started.

Fast forward and there’s now a new way to create a free online store. The platform is called Cartisan and makes it really easy for people to create a free online store with their smartphone. It’s so simple, that if you have ever made a post on social media you can create a store in a matter of minutes and make a sale on the same day.

Is Cartisan really completely free? It is free to create your store and list your products. There is a small fee that the seller pays when a sale is made through the app, but you’ll need to make hundreds, if not thousands, of sales before you’d end up matching what it will take to get started with the other e-commerce solutions.

On top of making it easier to create a store, Cartisan also makes it easier for people to find your products. Each seller gets a unique link that they can share to point people to their store on and products are shown instantly in the product feed and search areas within the app.

One of the other good things about Cartisan is that it’s a mobile first solution. This is important because the majority of e-commerce is moving to mobile, which is also called m-commerce. The younger generations are primarily doing business using mobile apps instead of through a web browser. This means that you’ll already be where the people are going.

If you’re looking to create an online store, I highly recommend giving Cartisan a shot. Why not? It’s free!