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How to come up with a business idea | Redneck Success

Simple ways to get ideas for a business.
Simple ways to get ideas for a business.

One thing people that know me know is that I come up with a ton of ideas for businesses.  They might not all be good ideas, but the bad ones often lead to better ones.

Coming up with good business ideas is like training yourself to do anything else…you need to practice!  Start by writing down the ideas that you think of.  Any idea goes in your notebook!  Like I said above, even the bad ideas will help lead you to better ideas and eventually good ideas.

By writing your ideas down you start to train your brain to look for solutions to problems.  This is really what a business is all about, creating a solution to a problem that hasn’t been solved, or solving a problem better than it’s being solved today.

I particularly like web based businesses because they can often be started for less than $100 and have the ability to make thousands of dollars per month very easily.  This is usually by providing an education to someone that needs to learn something or by connecting someone to people or products that they want to be connected with.

One way that I like to come up with ideas is to look at a really cool business idea that I didn’t think of and then try to figure out if there are any tangential businesses that can be created.  Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great places to look for disruptive businesses that people will be passionate about.  For example, I recently learned about a product called Tile that helps people find things that they’ve lost, including bicycles.  I instantly thought, “what could I create to help hide the tile so that thieves didn’t know that the item had a Tile on it and could be tracked?”

Keep writing down your ideas and eventually you’ll know when you have a good one!