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How to Catch a Live Rat | Build a Better Mouse Trap | Redneck Ingenuity

Got a rat or mouse problem?  Looking for a solution to trap them with or without killing them?  Then I have the solution for you!

I got the idea for this post by reading my friend Stephanie’s blog post about how her and her husband are being held hostage by a mouse or rat in their house.  As someone who likes to help people solve problems and have fun doing it, I decided to research the best ways to catch a rat or mouse.  There are some great ideas out there, some extremely redneck, but having a shot gun in your den is not very practical!

Here’s a video on how to make a mouse trap with a five gallon bucket, a can (or other cylindrical device like a pill bottle), a coat hanger (or other wire), a piece of wood, and peanut butter (or spreadable cheese).

In this video they use a drill and drill bit to puncture a hold in the bucket, but if you buy a bucket that has a handle you can remove the handle and use the holes from that.  Good luck with capturing that rat or mouse that is causing you issues!