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How make great iced tea to go | Infused Water Bottle

Infused Water Bottle
Infused Water Bottle

If you like iced tea as much as I do, then you like to take iced tea with you when you’re out on the go. Sure there’s bottled iced tea you can buy at the store, but we all know this doesn’t really compare to fresh brewed iced tea that you make yourself.

One of best ways that I’ve found to take great, fresh brewed iced tea with me on the go is to get a bottle with an infuser. Basically this is just a bottle with a cage that is built in that allows you to put fruit in the cage and the fruit will infuse the water with it’s flavor. Though, this cage is also a great place to put a couple tea bags with or without fruit.

Sure, you can just throw a couple tea bags into a normal bottle, but where the infuser comes in handy is that it keeps the tea bags from clogging up the drinking hole and it makes it much easier to get them in and out of the bottle.  Plus, what’s not to love about throwing a little lemon or raspberries into your tea for some added flavor?

I typically use 3 tea bags made for 8 oz cups in my bottle as the bottle holds 26 oz.  This is enough to add great tea flavor to the water.  In fact, if you get low on water you can typically add some more ice and water and get a second bottle using the same tea bags without compromising much flavor.

Enjoy your iced tea and check out my review of Lipton vs Luzianne Tea.