High up in a coconut tree | Life on a Rock by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - Life on a Rock
Kenny Chesney – Life on a Rock

Life on a Rock by Kenny Chesney has become one of the favorite music albums of my 5 year old daughter and I.  Our two favorite songs are Pirate Flag and Coconut Tree (featuring Willie Nelson).  Life on a Rock has an island and beach feel to it.  I’m a very chill person so it’s great music to listen to when you want some sit back and chill music.  My daughter likes it because she has learned the words and can sing to it now.

Pirate Flag became a favorite right away as it loosely describes my life. Being from a small town and then landing on the beach in Malibu for college is kind of described in the first bit of the song:


Well I come from a little bitty, homegrown small town,
Smoky Mountains, nice place to hang around.
Moonshine, that’s where they make it,
Put it in a jug, makes you wanna get naked.
But I jumped on a greyhound bus one night
And took it all the way to the end of the line.
Stepped out in the sun, when my feet hit the sand
What a long strange trip

Then this verse of the song hit home as my daughter is half Filipino and liker my wife dances hula, so I have my island girls.

I spent my whole life running around
Still let the wind kinda blow me around
Well I dropped a note in a bottle
To a long-legged model
And I traded it in for a whole ‘nother world
A pirate flag and an island girl
Pirate flag and an island girl

We really like Coconut Tree due to its great melody and fun lyrics. Being a long-time Country Music fan I love Willie Nelson as well.  Here are the videos of each song:

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