Fun Stuff

Welcome to SILIST

Welcome to the official blog of me, Tyler Smith.  I’m sure the first question you have is why SILIST?

Well, SILIST was the first domain name and website that I ever built.  The point of it was to aggregate all of the stores that were having sales and publish it, via email and web, to those that were interested.  Since I didn’t really have any creativity working at the time I came up with Smitty’s Information List.

Being that a blog is also a “list” of information, I’ve decided to resurrect the domain name and make it my official blog.

What am I going to write about?  Well, pretty much anything that comes to mind, but most of the things that come to my mind have to do with Life, Technology and Fun Stuff.  Fun Stuff often includes making money, inventing new products or websites, travelling and really anything else I consider fun.

Check back often to see what’s going on at SILIST.  Or just subscribe and I’ll send you the stuff.