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Great Redneck Halloween Costumes

My Larry The Cable Guy Costume
My Larry The Cable Guy Costume

Every year I try to come up with a good Halloween costume and they typically revolve around some type of redneck theme.  My first really good redneck Halloween costume was when I dressed up as Larry the Cable Guy.  That got me A LOT of attention.  Here’s what you need:

Larry the Cable Guy Costume

Plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off (preferably with pearl snaps)

A pair of jeans

A pair of work boots

Camouflage hat

Most of this can be purchased at Walmart for pretty cheap.


Duck Dynasty Member 

Uncle Si – Believe it or not you can buy an actual Uncle Si costume!  Here’s a link –  Don’t forget to get his signature tea cup –

Willie Robertson:

Long Hair, Long beard, American Flag Bandanna, White Sport Coat, long sleeve dress shirt, designer jeans and dress shoes.

Phil Robertson:

Long hair, long beard, Camo Bandanna, Camo Pants and Camo Shirt, Hunting Boots, Sunglasses, throw in a duck call for good measure.



Get yourself a racing suit –

A motorcycle or racing helmut

Tennis Shoes


There are a bunch of other costumers you can do to dress up as a redneck for Halloween, but I just wanted to cover a few in detail.  Of course, you can always dress up as a hillbilly, but this has been over done in many ways.