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Monetize your Forum or Blog
Monetize your Forum or Blog

I recently announced the launch of, a course on how to unlock the secrets to making money with your blog or forum by learning to write posts that make $1,000 or more per month.  The response for this course has been amazing, but I have found that some people are hesitant to sign up for a course that costs $99 without knowing if they’ll be able to make their money back.  Because of this I have decided to give away the first Secret in the course.

The first secret in the will teach people how to make money with their blog or forum starting today!  By giving the first secret  away people will be able to start making money right away.  If you’re interested in learning how to write posts that make $12,000 per year or more, check out the course at  If $99 is too much to spend to learn how to make $12,000, then sign up to get the first Secret for free and learn how to make $99 to so that you can unlock the rest of the secrets!!

Have fun with the course and in writing posts that continue to make you money over and over again!!