Forget the dots | Gmail doesn’t require the dots in your email


Do you have a Gmail account with dots in it?  For example, is your email something like you can now stop telling people to include the dot in your email…seriously!  It works…really, it does!  I tried it myself.  In fact, I kind of feel stupid because I’ve probably told 5 people today to include them.

Yes, it’s true that the email you’ve always told people was can now be told as

Learning this little tip that Gmail doesn’t need the period within it is making me laugh. Imagine how many signatures now can be changed.  Though, I wonder, will it still be easier to use the dot, kind of like how we separate phone numbers?  Are we going to now be separated by who knows this information and who doesn’t?  Will people go around correcting others?  We can avoid this if you share this simple post with everyone…now you are in the know…it’s your responsibility to do with the information that you see fit.

I just tried this on my corporate domain that uses Google Mail and well, it doesn’t work for that…so don’t bother trying it.

Anyways, it’s late now and I’m really just babbling…so in short…you no longer need all the…dots.


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