Finally an easy to use online marketplace | Cartisan

Over the last decade I’ve been using e-commerce platforms for either myself or helping people setup their own online stores. One of the main problems I kept seeing is that with each update of the platforms I was using it got more and more difficult for the less tech-minded folks to use. I’ve been in tech for a couple decades, so it was easy for me to navigate, but for the person who’s main tech interaction consists of their mobile phone, email, and word processing, running an online store is a daunting task. That’s why I created Cartisan, the simple eCommerce platform and marketplace.

When the pandemic hit and it became clear that 2 weeks to flatten the curve was going to be much longer than 2 weeks I started talking to small businesses to see how they were doing. Over and over I heard how difficult it was for them because they didn’t have the online presence that the larger stores had. When I asked why they hadn’t used the more popular e-commerce solutions the replies were always the same – it was too difficult or resource intensive.

The one thing that all the small businesses knew how to do was use Instagram. They were using IG as their main marketing channel because it was easy for them to post pictures and update their clients on what new products they had and specials they were have going on. I thought, “why isn’t e-commerce as simple as Instagram?” That was the genesis of Cartisan.

I made Cartisan as easy to use as Instagram. Just upload the picture(s) of your product, add a description, price, and options (size, color, etc) and post it. In less than a minute you are now selling your product online. It only takes a few minutes to create your account and setup your secure credit card processing account and you’re ready to go. In less than 10 minutes you can be up and running and be selling products. You can literally have your store running and make a sale before you’d ever have your store designed and running on another platform.

The best part of Cartisan is that we’re pro business. It’s free to create a store and list your products. We only charge a 2% fee when the sale occurs. Cartisan’s success is dependent on your success! What are you waiting for? Become the next great entrepreneur on Cartisan today!