Finally a solution for all those loyalty cards


If you’re like me or anyone else that shops for groceries and other stuff, you get bombarded with that question at the end of your transaction; “Do you have a <ENTER COMPANY> card here?”  You probably already have a few of them thickening your wallet or you even started sticking the little version onto your key ring.  I think my record was 8 of them on the key ring.

I had cards for Safeway, The Sports Authority, Lowes, OSH, Best Buy, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens,  Lucky Supermarkets, and the list goes on…

I finally got sick of it and went looking for a better way to handle them or I was just going to get rid of those that didn’t just ask for my phone number.  In my search I found the app Key Ring.   They solved my problem by allowing me to scan each of my cards and they store the card for you in the app.  In storing it they also recreate the barcode so that you can just have the store scan your phone screen rather than the card.  Brilliant!

They also provide coupons and other stuff which is cool, but I’m just happy that I don’t have to carry the cards anymore.

Here’s their video explaining what they do:

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