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“Every Path Has A Few Puddles”

I’ve heard a million varieties of this quote, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great reminder that our daily walk in life is NOT going to be free of challenges.

Jump in the puddle
Jump in the puddle

The question to ask yourself after hearing this quote is, “What do I do when I come up on a puddle?”  Obviously this has to do with how big the puddle is.  Your first instinct is to go around the puddle.  Sure, this might take a little longer, or be of less pain, but you’re going to give up something, like more time to go around it. Your other option is to try to jump over the puddle.  This can be the quickest way, but it has risks. You may not make the jump and end up getting wet.  The third option is to just walk right through the puddle.  You can do this strategically, or just haphazardly, but either way you’re going to get wet, but you know that.  You know that you’re trading getting wet for getting through there timely.

Here’s another option, you can get your rain boots on and have fun skipping and splashing through the puddle!

It’s all about the attitude that you have when you encounter a puddle.   So next time you encounter a puddle (challenge in life) determine how you want to go through that puddle.  My suggestion is to have as much fun as possible.

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