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Call of Duty Ghosts
Call of Duty Ghosts

Today I was catching up on Sons of Anarchy while I as taking care of some tedious work I had to do.  Before I could hit the fast forward button on my SMK-LINK universal remote I found that there was a Playstation 4 commercial that was promoting sitting in and playing video games followed by a Chevy Silverado commercial that talked about getting your son to stop playing video games and get outdoors.  I had to chuckle for the obvious reason, but also as someone that used to work in cable TV advertising knowing that this was not a good thing.

I have to say, that I find it great that Chevy is encouraging kids to get outdoors with their dads as it’s more of what we need for this society.  Right now there is a shortage of real men in the metropolitan areas of this country.  I see dads who let their kids sit in the house all day and play video games instead of encouraging them to get out to the park, or taking them out to play.  Grab a ball, or a fishing pole, or your hiking boots and get outdoors!

I’m not against video games.  In fact, I think they are a blast to play and played a ton of them as a kid.  BUT, I played them at night when I couldn’t play outdoors.   Who doesn’t want to play the new games like Call of Duty, which sold $1 BILLION worth of games the FIRST DAY it was released?  These games are amazing, but we have to get our kids outdoors to play!

Here’s the Chevy Silverado commercial that I saw:

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