Cyber Dust

Cyber DustIf you haven’t heard of Cyber Dust, then it’s time for you to get acquainted with them and their messaging service!

What is Cyber Dust?  It’s a messaging service, like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc that you can download to your Android, iPhone and Windows mobile devices, but with a really big twist…the messages DISAPPEAR FOREVER after they are read.  That’s a huge thing for your privacy!

Why should I care about my privacy when messaging?  You never know when your conversation over text or messenger is going to lead you to write something you don’t want other people reading.  And you don’t know when the other person’s phone is going to be in the hands of someone other than them.  With Cyber Dust you get your message across and then it goes away forever…with no risk of that message coming back to haunt you later.

Who is using Cyber Dust?  I am!  You can add me at +tylersbg.  There are also some other really cool people using it that you can actually interact with if you use it.  People like Mark Cuban (one of the backers), Dez Bryant (go Cowboys!), Daymond John (The Shark Tank), and many others.  You can find people to get great content from and chat with by going to these two links:  Cyber Dust Friends and Cyber Dust Chatters.

How do I get Cyber Dust?  Just go to or search Cyber Dust in iTunes,the Google Play Store or the Windows App Store.

See you on Cyber Dust!

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