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Anker Universal Battery Charger
Anker Universal Battery Charger

Have you ever traveled somewhere only to find that you forgot your cell phone charger?  If you find yourself in this situation, here are a couple of ways that you can still charge your phone.

If you happen to have your USB cable, but forgot the base,  here are a couple of options:

  1. Plug your USB cable into your computer and charge your phone off of your laptop.
  2. Check your TV for a USB port.  Many new flat screen TVs will have a USB port on the side or back of the TV.  If your hotel room has this type of TV then you can charge your phone off of it.  Though, you may need to keep the TV on to charge your phone.
  3. Look at the alarm clock.  Many hotel rooms now provide alarm clocks that will sync with your phone so you can listen to music through them.  Plug your USB cable into the alarm clock.
  4. Turn on the lamp and check the lamp post or desk.  Many hotels are now providing USB charging stations in the lamp posts and desks in the hotel.

Don’t have your USB cable?

  1. Check your other devices to see if they have the same USB type of charger.  This may seem obvious, but sometimes we don’t think of these things.
  2. Call the front desk.  Cell phone chargers are one of the things that are left most at hotels.  It’s likely that they have a charger for your phone.  If they don’t, ask the front desk person if they have the same phone as you and offer to buy their charger or pay them to charge your phone for you.  BTW, this can work even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.

If you’re looking for a good cell phone charger, check out my post on the best cell phone charger for traveling.

Do you have any creative ways for charging your cell phone?  Let me know in the comments.


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